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Joy Rises in Small Moments

When you're going through hard times, joy can feel far away.  Here at Rising Joy, we aren't interested in the cheesy, dancing-in-a-field-of-flowers kind of joy.  Our brand of joy crawls down in the trenches where tears flow and hearts are heavy.  We believe in the power of reaching out in simple ways that say "I see you. You matter.  Let's share a moment of human connection and maybe a smile."  At Rising Joy, we believe that even one small flicker of joy can make a difference.

Meet the Founder

This photo shows Amy unpacking the very first Foster Teen suitcase!  It was an exciting day, but the vision for Rising Joy began growing years earlier.  As an adopted child, a foster mom, and an adoptive mother, Amy has been on all sides of the equation and witnessed the emotional effects of childhood upheaval and trauma - even in loving homes. 

During her own battle with loneliness and depression, Amy found that gathering small moments of connection and beauty allowed hope and joy to rise through the fog of pain and anxiety.  Rising Joy is her dreamchild and exists to help others nurture precious JOY connections in their own lives and in their communities.  

Amy lives in the Adirondack mountains with her husband, Wayne, where she is a mom, Mimi, writer, entrepreneur, and innkeeper (in random order depending on the day!)

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