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Rising Joy

Nurturing JOYFUL connections for all ages

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When we were foster parents, every single one of our children arrived with their belongings in a garbage bag. With our youngest daughter off to college, we were WAY too tired to take on any more kiddos, but we still wanted to make a difference for foster children facing difficult times.

In 2020, we launched Rising Joy with our first project to provide suitcases filled with age-appropriate essentials to area foster teens. Each suitcase says, "YOU MATTER" and allows the teen to move forward with dignity .

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In a world where loneliness and depression are epidemic, Rising Joy identifies and inspires simple ways to nurture care and connection within communities. Suitcases for foster teens is the first of many projects designed to raise the level of JOY for all ages.  

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Our team is made of up of ordinary people who want to make a difference for those who feel alone, sad or lost in their communities. Here are three quick ways to help:


1 - Sponsor a suitcase for a foster child (see below)

2 - Buy "Goose Tales" - a delightful ebook that funds our programs

3 - Visit our BLOG for updates and JOYFUL ideas you can implement in your community

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Suitcases for Foster Teens

Our first JOY project is well underway with suitcases delivered to Clinton County fostercare program every few months.  We welcome donations of supplies* or money as the need is great.


$25 = toiletries or school supplies

$50 = one suitcase & toiletry bag

$100 = one filled & delivered suitcase  






*  Please contact us directly before purchasing any supplies as we have specific needs and certain items are not acceptable for this project.

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